Hi!  My name is Laura, and I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).  I was diagnosed in 2009.  img_2663-2

Over the last several years, I have struggled with the symptoms of PCOS.  I have also struggled with understanding this condition and how to manage it so that I can be the best me possible.

The reason I created this website is because there is so little information out there about how to manage PCOS and its symptoms. There has been very little research done on PCOS, especially when you consider that it is the #1 cause of infertility in women.  Also, there is not a lot of advocacy for PCOS, and I want to do my part to contribute to advocating for PCOS.  Additiionally, I work as a clinical researcher for a local hospital.  As a researcher, I want to provide education for anyone that has been diagnosed with PCOS or has a loved one that deals with this condition. During the course of my research, I have discovered all kinds of information that is relative to Women’s Health.  Therefore, this website will focus on many Women’s Health issues, and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy.

So now to me and my journey with PCOS…

As I said, I was diagnosed in 2009.  I had been gaining weight and having irregular menstrual cycles. My doctor was concerned about my health.  He did a blood test–I’m not even sure what tests he ran or what he expected to see.  When the results came back, he told me that his suspicions were confirmed, and I had a condition called PCOS.  Then he gave me a prescription for metformin and told me to join Weight Watchers to lose weight.  At that time, there were virtually no resources available on PCOS.  An internet search didn’t give me any useful information.  Therefore, I drifted along, continuing to gain weight and living in ignorance as to what this condition really means.

I’ve tried almost every type of diet out there–Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, low carb, no carb, etc.  None of them worked.  I would lose 10 pounds and gain back 15.  My blood sugar numbers kept creeping up, my blood pressure started going higher and higher, and my cholesterol became borderline high.  As I gained more and more weight, I became less and less likely to exercise.

I lived in denial about what was truly happening to me until one day, on a business trip in 2015, I developed Plantar’s Fascitis in my right ankle.  If you’ve ever experienced Plantar’s Fascitis, I don’t have to tell you how painful it is.  I was 1000 miles away from home and in terrible pain.  I managed to get through the trip by using ice packs and trying to walk as little as possible.  One of the doctors with whom I work had to push me in a wheel-chair through the airport for our trip home, while another took care of my luggage.  I was so embarrassed!  After arriving home, I went to the emergency room.  They diagnosed me and referred me to a podiatrist.  The podiatrist found bone spurs and Plantar’s Fascitis in both of my feet, which were caused in part by my weight and lack of exercise.

That was a come to Jesus moment for me!  I realized that this PCOS was not going away.  It was even causing problems in my feet!  I started praying for answers as to how to manage this condition and lose this weight.  I had a BMI of 36, which is morbidly obese.  Then on Facebook, a friend of mine shared an inspirational meme, and I noticed that it had originally been posted by a website called PCOSdiva.com.  So I googled it.  And I found some resources.  Thus began my journey back to health, which I am still on, and which I hope you will travel with me!



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